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Welcome to

White Mountain Academy!

The White Mountain Academy for Gifted Individuals is a non-profit private school for students K-12th grade with special needs. We accept all students with disabilities that have a current Arizona IEP. We are a school that focuses on students who have struggled in traditional classroom settings. We offer free breakfast and lunch to all students. We also provide transportation to all students.

The White Mountain AGI was founded by a group of people involved in education their entire lives. Between them they have over 30 years experience in the educational system. We specialize in providing the highest quality education for our students that truly need it the most.

The teachers at White Mountain AGI teach core subjects using project based learning with an emphasis on teaching our students life skills, social skills, and workplace skills. We help our students become functioning members of society by helping them find their gift, or “niche,” that allows them to be more independent and have a higher quality of life. It is our job to figure out where our students are going next and what we can do to help them get there.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe environment to practice real life situations so that our students can become more independent.


Vision Statement

By focusing on life skills, social skills, and workplace skills we want to see our students become as independent as possible.


Business Philosophy

As a non-profit organization, it is our philosophy to use our resources in a way that raises the quality of life for not only our students, but also our employees and owners.  

Upcoming Events 
Autumn Boy

Fall Break!!                                                                 Oct. 18-22

Fall Leaves

No school                                                                            Nov. 1 

Veteran's Day                                                                      Nov.11 

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving!! No school.                                             Nov. 24-25

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